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Tips For Tackling That Tantrum

May 7, 2018

Your child wants it and you are like, no way. He begs, screams, cries. What do you do now? What you do next is crucial.

Here are some tips from Wendy Moss, author of "Raising Independent, Self-confident Kids: Nine Essential Skills to Teach Your Child or Teen," published in December by APA Books:

Be consistent.

Try to remain calm, and avoid discussing the issue when your child is emotionally unavailable to hear you. However, remind him you will talk once he is calm.

Restate what your child's wish is so he knows he was heard. ("I understand that you want____, but I do not agree.") Understanding and agreeing are not synonymous.

Acknowledge that it's hard sometimes to be frustrated. Give an example from your own experience.

Remember: You don't always have to compromise; you can make some cut-and-dried decisions guilt-free!



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