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Quiet Library? Not Always!

You never know what you’ll find at your local library.

April 9, 2018
By Alexandra Eberle - Book Bag , OVParent

National Library Week is April 8-14 this year. Celebrate it by visiting your local library and meeting fun unusual library patrons.

To start the celebration off, read about bears, dragons, the circus and even monsters in the libraries. They are great stories for expanding the imagination and love of reading for those in pre-kindergarten to second grade levels.

"The New LiBEARian" by Alison Donald

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In The New LiBEARian, Ms. Merryweather is late to storytime. That never happens. So Dee and her friends follow clues to find her, and during the hunt they find out there is a new LiBEARian working there. Little do they know that he came from somewhere special and does not even work there.

"Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library" by Julie Gassman

Did we learn our lesson about allowing unusual library patrons to the library? Well, maybe not quite. If bears can be in a library, I guess that means dragons can too, right? In this book, a friend and his dragon try to enter the library and learn that while there are many things that are going on, it is not quite safe to bring a dragon in. For one, they are big, are sometimes rude and have a little problem with flames. But don't worry; the librarian comes up with a solution that is perfect for all.

"If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, DON'T!" by Elise Parsley

If bears and dragons are not allowed, surely a one girl circus is. Magnolia saw a sign that said "You Can Do Anything At The Library!" It got her thinking that she could have her very own quiet circus in the library. What can go wrong with cannons, pies and hula hoops? Check out what happens by checking out the book.

"The NOT So Quiet Library" by Zachariah Ohora

Sometimes there are people who don't like libraries. But have you ever heard of a monster not liking a library, especially one who thinks the library is a restaurant? Theodore and Oskar came to the library for one thing and one thing only, to read in quiet. But something just does not seem right as they snuggle down on their bean bag chairs. They learn just what is making the noise and have to use the knowledge they have gained from reading books to stop it.




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