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Time to Be as Goofy as You Want to Be

National Goof-off Day is March 22. Make the most of indoor fun while the weather is still frightful.

March 6, 2018
By Heidi Maness Hartwiger - Natural Parent, Natural Child Series , OVParent

Well, winter is nearly over. Hooray for you, dear Keeper of the Family Schedule. You've made it. You amassed the information for tax time, restocked the pantry, and - give or take a flu bug or snow storm - you and the kids have been where you need to be when you need to be.

As you wait for the coffee to brew one morning, it happens. The spirit of schedule rebellion walks right in. Beat the clock is not in this day's DNA. Relax! Luxuriate in this comforting news: March 22 is unofficially National Goof-off Day.

What does one do on Goof-off day? Whatever you wish, which could include absolutely nothing. Remember the old adage, "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy"? To update: "All work and no play make the Keeper of the Family Schedule grumpy."

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In the real world, you may be too busy on March 22 to goof off. Pick a day or part of a day for you and the kids to be silly. Pick something outside your same old routine. Typically this is how it goes with "unscheduled time." Kids slip into electronic games. You feel the call to check Twitter feeds, Instagram and Facebook. Where's spontaneity? Where's fun?

Get on the train, brainstorming silliness all the way to Goofytown. Final destination: hilarious goof-off ideas. Here's the bonus: Silliness reinforces family communication, so hang in Goofytown with the kids.

Maybe you can't devote an entire day to goof-off stuff, but you can carve out a family goof-off diner hour. Try breakfast for dinner. How exactly does one dress for a goof-off dinner? Mismatched socks for starters. Possibly a T-shirt on backward or a sweat shirt turned inside out would work.

Breakfast for dinner at the table? Are you kidding me? Set up on the floor. Together, spread a table cloth or sheet and arrange pillows for seating. Don't be the workhorse. This is goof-off day for you, too, so the kids are crucial in the set-up plan. If they think breakfast for supper in a bed sheet tent on the family room floor is better, then everyone lends a hand in tent construction. Leftover holiday napkins or paper plates? Why not? Toothpicks as eating utensils? Of course! Someone might prefer to recline on elbow Roman style while eating. Toss grapes or banana slices to see if the person next to you can catch the flying objects by mouth. Nix all that chew-with-your-mouth-shut and use-your-napkin talk. The more the laughter, the better the memories.

When the feast is finished, toss the used paper goods in a garbage bag. Lounge in the tent telling silly stories and making up ridiculous poems and jokes. Tempted to capture the goof-off fest in pictures using your phone's camera? Go ahead - pictures only. If you are truly goofing off, you and your family might actually be device free and loving it ... at least for a couple of hours.



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