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Last-minute Mom

December 6, 2017
By Betsy Bethel - Editor , OVParent

When my brother's kids were little and I was a childless newlywed, he would call me on a Thursday night and ask if I could babysit that Friday so he and his wife could have a date. No, I couldn't, I explained sadly, because I had plans. After a half-dozen or so of these calls, I remember thinking: How can you expect someone to drop everything with less than 24 hours' notice like that? I became less sad and more annoyed.

But now, dear brother, I get it. I discovered when I became a parent, I no longer had plans. I had a child. And I had what were more like shot-in-the-dark hopes that perhaps, if all the stars align and I play my cards right, I might get to spend a couple waking hours - or even 45 minutes - alone with my husband or out with friends.

And, like my brother, those hopes tend to materialize at the last minute. Wait a sec, no one is sick? No one has to work? No one needs homework help? No one has to clean the house? (That last one is a joke, actually. We never let cleaning get in the way of, well, anything really.)

Usually when the stars do align, instead of going on a date, we invite people over (people who don't care if the house is clean and who, like us, never have plans), or I head out with my friends because Dave is a homebody. Both of those scenarios solve the babysitter problem for me.

Anyway, what's the point in planning ahead when the plans usually fall through? Or I forget (very possible).

Well, readers, here's wishing you (and me) a holiday season full of fun times! Just don't plan on it!



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