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Have We Turned Into Our Parents?

September 18, 2017
By BETSY BETHEL - Editor , OVParent

Do you remember the moment you realized you sound like your parents?

That could be horrifying or gratifying, depending on your family! Mostly, I think it's a bit annoying.

I mean, our whole lives up until the time it happens, we think we know exactly what kind of parent we're going to be - or at least the kind we're NOT going to be.

Then, when we actually have a child who won't sit still or who refuses to eat vegetables or insists he stay up past his bedtime, we all of the sudden understand. It's as if there's an invisible two-way mirror, and we suddenly find ourselves on the side with the trick glass and can see a whole different perspective -a world beyond just ourselves.

But even though it all makes sense now, I still find myself inwardly cringing when I utter the oft-repeated phrases of my childhood: "Stand up straight,"?"Don't chew with your mouth open," "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." I guess someone has to teach them.

By the time they're grandparents, our parents tend to ease up on the admonitions and stick to teaching them card games and feeding them the same treats they denied us when we were young, which is why kids often are thrilled to go to Grandma and?Grandpa's house. And that's fine with us because we need a break from our own nagging!



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