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Animals in Action

October 11, 2016

Autumn provides unique opportunities to see animals in action.

Forest undergrowth thins. Many local species must prepare for the winter. Non-native birds pass through in search of warmer weather.

You won't see reptiles and amphibians as the temperatures drop. Reptiles, like snakes and turtles, burrow beneath the ground. Frogs and toads may dig deep into the mud or beneath the water of a pond.

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However, other animals become more active as they prepare for winter. Squirrels, chipmunks, bats and even black bears hunt for extra food. You'll spy rabbits and deer throughout the winter.

Geese migrate, but crows and cardinals are abundant. Turkeys venture into fields. Raptors continue to hunt. So we see owls, hawks and falcons.

Celebrate the season by enjoying the autumn foliage and many species of the Ohio Valley. Visit our many parks, hiking trails, creeks and wooded areas with your friends and family.

Solve the puzzle below:

Use the clues to find a pair of rhyming words. One of the words will be an animal found in the paragraphs at left.

Sample: jumping animal; repeated pattern of behavior - rabbit habit

1. opposite of fast; black bird

2. female child; rodent with a fluffy tail

3. reptile with no legs; cook in an oven

4. large animal that may live in a cave; make a challenge

5. opposite of thin; flying mammal


1. Slow Crow 2. Girl Squirrel 3. Snake Bake 4. Bear Dare 5. Fat Bat



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