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Mozart the Genius

June 7, 2016
Dr. Gail Looney , OVParent

Did you ever write a song? When he was 5 years old, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had already composed many songs. Can you imagine? Listen to these on YouTube and see what you think. With your parents' permission, search online for "Mozart K. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5."

What talent, creativity, genius!

During his lifetime, Mozart wrote 626 musical compositions for all kinds of instruments and voice in solos, chamber ensembles, orchestra and opera. He did all of this in his short life of 35 years. His father gave him harpsichord lessons, but he taught himself to play the violin, without telling his father! He spent many hours practicing and writing music most of the day and late into the night. Symphony No. 35 was written in about two weeks; Symphony No. 36 was written in only four days!

When he was 9, he toured Europe with his father and sister. He performed harpsichord and organ recitals, and orchestras in Paris and London played symphonies he had composed. Listen to "Mozart: Symphony No. 1 in E flat" online. This was his first symphony written when he was only 8! You can imagine just how famous he was by the time he reached 25. So many people wanted to see him and hear his music that he would be considered a rock star if he were alive today.

Type "Mozart Ah! vous dirae je maman by Natalie Schwamova" into your search engine to hear an 11-year-old playing a familiar song. I know you will recognize this, and I also am sure you can sing it. Do you think Natalie was having a great time playing this?

Watch a short biography of Mozart on YouTube. Search for "Mozart for Children: Biography for kids - FreeSchool" to see some pictures and hear some interesting facts about Mozart along with music, of course. Search for "Mozart Symphony No. 40, 1st movement" to hear a very famous symphony that he wrote.

Now, just for fun, make up a song by singing, playing the piano or other instrument. Play or sing about a favorite animal, your family, your pet or anything else you like. I bet it will sound just as good as Mozart's music. And you can call yourself a genius, too!

- Dr. Gail Looney, Wheeling Symphony historian



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