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Safeguard kids' devices

June 7, 2016

New apps pop up seemingly out of nowhere, but instantly every single one of your kid's friends and classmates is using it and you find out so is your kid.

The app looks age-appropriate and harmless, but predators find ways to infiltrate and exploit. It is important to check your child's phone, computer or tablet on a regular basis to make sure no inappropriate content is being sent to them.

But, there are other steps parents need to take to safeguard their children.

Create Unique Usernames - Just like recycling a password is a bad idea, kids should not use the same username to log into different online accounts.

Keep Personal Details Private - If an app or website requires kids to fill out a profile, do not let them enter personally identifying details like their full name, birthdate, age or address. If you have to, supply a false answer to the questions. Or don't allow your child to use that site/app.

Email Addresses and Usernames Do Not Mix - Linking a username with an email address can simplify a predator's search for personal information.

Create Unique Email Addresses for Each App/Site - Some email providers including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo allow users to alter their email address into infinite number of disposable addresses. For example if your child's email address is and he/she wants to sign up for a new gaming site you can alter his/her email address just for that site by adding an identifier to it such as xyz(gamename)

This keeps your child's actual email address private and can help stop criminals from being able to track online history simply by searching for an email address.

Stay Vigilant - Regularly checking what apps your child is using and what websites are being visited is the first line of defense.

Source: SNDR,



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