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Silver Sensation Holiday Decoration

December 14, 2015
Kaleidoscope by Museums of Oglebay Institute , OVParent

The Museums of Oglebay Insitute's Mansion Museum is all decked out for the holidays in silver to fit with this year's holiday theme, Silver Sensation. The rooms are elegantly decorated by professional decorators and volunteers. Come tour the rooms between Nov. 14 and Jan. 3.

You can make your own silver decoration at home with this aluminum foil art project that is fun for adults and kids.

Foil Ornament

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Sturdy cardboard paper plates or other thick cardboard


Hot glue gun or tacky glue

Glue stick

Aluminum foil

Cotton swabs


1. Start with a cardboard base. We chose a sturdy cardboard plate because of its size and smooth texture, which did not show through the foil. You may also want to cut your cardboard base into a simple shape to make a nice ornament or wall decoration.

2. Draw a design or picture on the base. Keep it simple, you can add more details later.

3. Trace the design with a hot glue gun or tacky glue. The glue will raise the design off the base making it visible through the foil that will be placed on top.

4. After the glue has dried, cut a piece of aluminum foil a few inches larger than the base. Make sure there is enough to fold it around the back.

5. Apply the glue stick directly to the cardboard base or on the underside of the foil.

6. Press down the foil gently with your fingers to make sure it sticks, but does not tear.

5. Next use a cotton swab to gently press the foil around the glue lines so the shapes become more visible.

6. Add any extra details by gently using a dull pencil to make lines, dots or other designs on the foil.



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