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What a Difference a Year Makes

November 10, 2015
By Phyllis Sigal - Design Editor , OVParent

One whole year. Norah Grace has graced our lives for one wonderful year. And it's amazing to think what she's accomplished in 12 months.

First off, she was born. That's certainly quite a feat.

She held her head up like a little champ not too long into her life.

And she smiled. (No, it wasn't gas.) Her smiles could light up the world. Then came giggles, too. There's nothing like a baby's giggle to warm your heart.

Then, one day, she rolled over. (I'm sure she was thinking, "How did I do that!")

Sitting up was a bit of a chore. She sort of sat up, but not without support. Plop, over she went ... until she just held that back up as straight as could be, all by herself.

Sitting just wasn't enough for that child.

She wanted to move, and move she did. Those little knees were ready to propel her across the carpet. Although, when she crawled, one leg used the knee, and the other used the foot to move her along. A funny sight with that little butt up in the air!

Next? Standing up in her crib. Instead of a crying baby sitting in the crib, Mama was greeted by a standing, smiling baby one morning.

Before we knew it, she was cruising. Along the bench in the kitchen. Along her dresser in her room. Along the couch, the coffee table, the wall ...

"Mark my words," I told Amanda. "She'll be walking by the time she's 10 months old." And, lo and behold, she took five steps on her 10-month birthday.

Now, she's practically running across the room ... well, walk, run, plop. Walk, run, plop. Papa Bruce and I bought her a brand-new pair of Stride Rites to give her little feet some support in this new venture.

She's high-fiving, waving, brushing her teeth (or chewing on the toothbrush), talking (babbling) up a storm as well as saying a few words ("bah" for ball, "da" for dog, "da-da" for well, da-da and "hi" and "bye") and eating everything in sight!

And my life? This past year has been full of special moments, endless laughs and hugs and kisses, and nothing but boundless love.

Sure, there's been a little worry. (When will they get those stairway gates???!!) One more person to love means one more to worry about.

But I know she's in good hands with a great, smart, loving, considerate pair of parents.

And that lucky little girl has two sets of grandparents who love her like crazy, not to mention all the other cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.

Now, if we can just figure out what we're going to call me. We've had a whole year!

Phyllis R. Sigal is design editor at The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register and designer of OV Parent. She is the mom of Amanda, 29, and Leland, 27, and mother-in-law of Christopher, 30. And grandmother to Norah Grace Seidler, 1 year!



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