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What Kind of Parent Are You?

October 6, 2015

Parenting styles are rarely to blame for childhood behavioral problems. If you're searching out solutions to help your family cope with your child's behavior problems, that's a pretty good indication that you aren't causing your child's issues.

Still, parents play a crucial role in treating early childhood behavioral issues.

The our main types of parenting styles are:

Authoritarian parenting: Strict rules with no compromise and no input from the children.

Authoritative parenting: Strict rules but parents are willing to listen and cooperate with their children. More of a democracy than authoritarian parenting.

Permissive parenting: Few rules and few demands put on children. There is little to no discipline in this home, and parents typically take on the role of friend.

Uninvolved parenting: No rules and very little interaction. These parents are detached and may reject or neglect their children.

Authoritative parenting is most likely to raise well-adjusted and happy children. Uninvolved parents are most likely to raise children lacking self-esteem, self-control and general competency, say experts.

Children need clear rules and consequences, but they also need a parent who is willing to listen and guide.

Empathy, a cooperative attitude and a calm temperament are crucial traits for parents to adopt as their child struggles. Also, knowing when to ask for help is key.




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