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Don't Get Tangled Up

July 14, 2015
by Betsy Bethel - OV Parent Editor , OVParent

A Martins Ferry mom driving her toddler around recently discovered to her horror that he had become entangled in the seat belt. The belt was hanging loose next to him because his car seat was installed using the LATCH system. He had somehow wrapped the belt around his neck, and Mom had to cut it off to free him.

The incident brought to light a perhaps little-known car seat safety fact: "A child within reach of a seat belt may become entangled if he or she pulls the seat belt all the way out and wraps the belt around his or her head, neck or waist," according to, the online parent portal of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Follow these prevention tips:

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- Teach children that seat belts are not toys.

- Be aware that some seat belts have a retractor that locks if pulled all the way out.

- If a child has an unused seat belt within reach:

- Buckle it. Then, pull the seat belt out all the way to the end without yanking. Finally, feed the excess webbing back into the retractor.

- If a child seat is installed with LATCH, consider completing the steps above before you install the child seat. Always consult your child seat and vehicle owner's manual for instructions.



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