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Hindsight 20/20 for Local Family Family

Girl’s Learning Issues Caused by Eye Disorders

December 2, 2014
By April Boring - Contributing Writer , OVParent

Did you know that there is so much more to an eye exam than just checking how well kids see? Vision disorders are often confused for learning disabilities.

There is so much more to the eye than just being able to see well. Even if a child has 20/20 vision, she can still have eye muscle disorders which can have a huge impact on learning.

My 14-year-old daughter's life has changed since we discovered that she has eye muscle disorders. She has 20/20 vision, but the muscles in her eyes didn't develop as strongly as they should have, and her eyes did not work together.

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Rachel Boring

For years, she struggled in school, being tested for dyslexia, processing disorders, etc. She has been labeled by her teachers as "possible ADHD," "lazy," "not motivated," etc. She is a very smart girl who tried so hard, but school work was a battle for her. It was heartbreaking to watch her struggle because I knew there was something wrong and I knew she was capable of so much more. She was tested for learning disorders, only to fall in that gray area of "she needs help, but she didn't test low enough to qualify for an IEP."

She had a very difficult eighth-grade year, and towards the end of the school year I was doing research online about vision and learning and came across an article about eye muscles and visual processing. I instantly knew that I had found my answer.

After visiting a center in Wexford, Pa. that does very thorough vision screenings including a complete exam on visual processing, my daughter was diagnosed with four types of ocular dysfunction. After several months of vision therapy (which we recently completed), her life has changed. Gone are the days of crying over homework, feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem. She has gone from getting Ds and Fs to a B average.

A visual screening and vision therapy has changed my daughter's life, and I only wish we had known about it 10 years ago.

- April Boring of Valley Grove is Rachel's mom.



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