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Make 'Treasure' Baskets

May 4, 2012

Did you save your egg cartons after coloring eggs for Easter this year? This egg carton craft is a great activity to keep the little ones fingers and imaginations occupied.

When the "baskets" are finished, they are the perfect receptacle for your little explorers to keep their found "treasures" - think pebbles, buttons, crayon stubs, dandelion fluff, maple seeds ... you get the idea.

Make up to 12 baskets per carton.

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Mini Egg Carton 'Treasure' Baskets

Materials Needed

Empty egg carton

Colored tissue paper (use multiple colors if desired)

Glue (liquid or stick)

Scissors and/or utility knife

Construction paper or any heavy paper for handle


Optional: double-sided tape, scrapbooking tape or sticky tac; markers


1. Start with an adult cutting a single cup out of the egg carton with the scissors or utility knife.

2. While the adult is doing the cutting, the child can tear (or cut with scissors, if old enough) tissue paper into strips.

3. Next, cover the egg cup with tissue paper strips by using either a glue stick (spread stick on carton and lay strips on top) or a brush with watered-down liquid glue (brush on carton and arrange strips on top). Let dry if using liquid glue.

4. Now cut a strip for the handle from the construction paper about 3/4-inch wide and 3 inches to 4 inches long.

5. Attach the handle to the egg cup with double-sided stick tape, scrapbooking tape, sticky tac or glue. If using glue, let dry before handling.

6. Once the basket is completely dry, the adult can use a marker to write the child's name on the basket or the type of items the basket will hold.

- Submitted by Oglebay Institute Visual Arts Department



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