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Engineer Your Own Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed — Egg in the Hole

May 3, 2011

While it's true it's the thought that counts, when it comes to Mother's Day, sometimes getting that thought into action takes a bit of persuasion.

This recipe is easy enough for even the most kitchen challenged dad-and-kids team, ensuring they come off looking like five-star chefs, and you get spoiled on your special day.

TIP: Leave this article strategically placed. We suggest on the fridge.

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Egg in the Hole

By Catherine McCord

As a cook, I get bored making the same thing day after day. I need to constantly change it up or being in the kitchen just isn't fun for me. Recently, Kenya has been asking for omelets EVERY morning for breakfast. So after the first few days of "crack eggs, whisk eggs, cook eggs," I decided to see how he'd respond to a bit of a change.

Egg in the Hole was one of my favorite breakfasts from childhood. This dish is especially great because there's lots of fun stuff the little ones can do to help you prepare it - getting to make the holes in the bread is probably the most fun. When I was a kid, a simple drinking glass did the trick. But here at, we believe things can always be MORE fun.

While Dad is getting everything ready to prepare the Egg in the Hole, the little ones can rummage through your cookie cutters and pick the shape they want Mom's egg (and theirs) to be.



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