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Discover Fall Fun Outdoors

October 5, 2010
By Oglebay Good Zoo

Autumn is a great time for people to enjoy nature. Temperatures have become more pleasant, and woodland paths may be clearer. Broadleaf tree leaves paint the forests with shades of scarlet, orange and yellow. Fungi grow on the ground in rotting vegetation and from old logs.

Animals actively prepare for winter during this time. Some birds migrate, and you could spot species that are not native to the Ohio Valley. Misty mornings highlight hundreds of spider webs that may not have been quite as visible during the summer. Large mammals like deer often look for mates in the fall. Some animals scavenge to gain weight. Still others gather extra food into burrows or dens.

People can have fun gathering nuts, pine cones or berries for food and decorations. Make some feeding and watering stations for migratory animals. Then watch the variety of animals that visit.

The Department of Natural Resources has free pamphlets that you can download or request that provide checklists of local species. Visit Animals.shtm

Solve the Hink Pink puzzles below. Hink Pinks are two one-syllable rhyming words that go with a definition. The resulting phrase will rhyme, but it may be silly.

(Hint: At least one of the words will be the singular form of one of the words from article above.)

Example: a poultry writing utensil: hen pen

1. a feathered creature that comes after second

2. a common antlered animal that is not far

3. a person that steals a green part of a tree

4. small, simple house for a pecan

5. chicken burrow

6. terrific pounds

7. walking on hands and knees in autumn

8. impolite meal

9. misty cloud of water droplets around a fallen section of a tree


1. third bird; 2. near deer; 3. leaf thief; 4. nut hut; 5. hen den; 6. great weight; 7. fall crawl; 8, rude food; 9. log fog



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