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Science Series Explains Major Modern Inventions

September 3, 2014 A new PBS series will pique kids’ interests in science, technology and invention by using animation and a friendly persona to bring alive incredible unheard-of-stories behind major ideas that have... more »»

How to Use a School Planner Effectively

September 3, 2014 DEAR TEACHER: The school wants our young children in elementary school to use planners. However, the teachers have not made very specific recommendation. more »»

Get Ready to Read: Visual Literacy

July 8, 2014 Visual literacy is the ability to understand and use images in communicating, thinking and learning. Visual literacy often stops, however, when children learn to read word. more »»

Shoot to Spell

July 8, 2014 Cram. more »»

Get Ready to Read: To Read Is to Understand

May 5, 2014 While it is necessary for young children to learn how to read, it is equally important for them to comprehend the material they are reading! When a preschool or kindergarten student engages in the... more »»

Get Ready to Read: From Scribbling to Writing

April 2, 2014 Your 3- to 4-year-old child just handed you a piece of paper with scribbles on it and declared that it was his nam. more »»

Ohio County Library Portal for TumbleBooks

March 6, 2014 When a local teacher and mom brought the TumbleBooks Library website to the attention of children’s programming director Lee Ann Cleary’s attention, she flipped for the online reading program. more »»

School Matters: Change Your Attitude

March 4, 2014 “Change your attitude!” It’s a phrase that often rolls out of parents’ mouths when their children are acting out. more »»

Get Ready to Read: At-Home Preschool Reading Development

March 4, 2014 Parents of 4 year olds often wonder how they can ensure that their children will become readers. Preschool teachers use age-appropriate teaching strategies — all focusing on literacy. more »»

Classroom — No Candy Zone

January 7, 2014 Do you know what your children are eating at school? Cheryl Kaczor, families and health expert at the West Virginia University Extension in Marshall County, was surprised to learn that some teacher... more »»

Print, Print Everywhere!

January 7, 2014 Your young child picked up a newspaper ad, pointed to the famous golden arches logo and said, “McDonald’s.” Congratulations! He is a beginning reader who is making meaning from print and symbols. more »»

Signing Is Learning: Teach Your Infant Sign Language

December 4, 2013 Imagine if your baby could tell you if she wanted milk, when she was hungry or if her belly hurt. She can! Babies understand language long before they are actually able to express it verbally. more »»

Ready for Kindergarten?

December 4, 2013 DEAR TEACHER: My daughter will be entering kindergarten next fall. Exactly how can I tell if she is ready? Some of my friends have had to teach their kids how to write all the letters and numbers. more »»

Daughter, Mom Need to Get Organized

November 4, 2013 DEAR TEACHER: How can I help my first-grade daughter become better organized? Every day is a disaster. The teacher is always emailing me because the child has not turned in her homework. more »»

Rhythm, Rhyme and Music Time!

November 4, 2013 Many people believe that literacy begins when children go to school, but the foundation for future success begins at birth! Babies appreciate the sounds they hear in everyday language: a story being... more »»

Set Your Kids Up for Success

October 3, 2013 With the school year underway, it’s time to think about helping our children be as successful as they can b. more »»

Get Ready to Read: Ready, Set, Talk!

October 3, 2013 Babies engage in conversation and communication in many forms. more »»

'Stop Bullying' Tips for Parents

October 3, 2013 If the bullying is: PHYSICAL: You must rescue your child from physical threats of violence that would cause objective harm to his or her body or property. more »»

Library Launches New Children's Series

September 5, 2013 The Children’s Department at the Ohio County Public Library in Wheeling is launching a new series of programs for families called “Step into Stories. more »»

Get Ready to Read: Promote a Higher Level of Thinking

September 5, 2013 Welcome back to school! Over the summer, your child’s teacher has been busy preparing learning experiences and lessons to foster your child’s academic growth. more »»



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