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'E is for Ethics' Is a Great Tool for Parents

May 5, 2010 Meet Elliott and Lucy, two kids who will probably remind you a lot of your kids. Elliott and Lucy sometimes act without thinking. more »»

Four Mother's Day Activities for Moms and Kids

May 5, 2010 1. Make “Me” Portraits. With a marker, trace the outline of your bodies on an old sheet. Decorate your self-portraits with symbols, colors, words and pictures. more »»

Smart Mama Goes Green With Cleaners

April 5, 2010 In honor of Earth Day, April 22, here are some practical homemade cleaning tips and easy recipes using pantry items from Jennifer Taggart, author of the new book, “Smart Mama’s Green Guide: Simple... more »»

Know Your Child's Alcohol Risk

April 5, 2010 Certain children are more likely than others to drink heavily and encounter alcohol-related difficulties, including health, school, legal, family and emotional problems. more »»

Resources for Parents of Preschoolers

March 8, 2010 There are a myriad books and local resources out there for parents of preschool age children. more »»

Five Ways to Raise a 'Good Enough' Child

March 8, 2010 How many times have you told your ebullient child he’s too loud or too active? How often have you told your contemplative, cautious child not to be a scaredy-cat and so shy? In subtle... more »»

Let's Talk About Sex

January 14, 2010 Parents are waiting too long before having “the talk” with their children, according to a study published in the January edition of Pediatrics, journal of the American Academy of Pediatric. more »»

Five Secrets of the Organized

January 14, 2010 From OV Parent’s go-to source on frugality, housekeeping and organizing, Tawra Kellam, founder of the Living on a Dime Web site. 1. Never stop picking up. more »»

Celebrate 40 Years of Sesame Street

December 3, 2009 For 40 years, preschoolers have learned about letters, numbers, songs and different cultures from their friends Big Bird, Kermit the Frog and Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street. more »»

Takes One to Raise One: You and Your Child's Self-Esteem

December 3, 2009 When we become a parent, we often forget how important it is to keep nurturing and improving ourselve. more »»

Meet Genna and Russ

November 4, 2009 A new book gives parents a hand instilling values of helpfulness, kindness and generosity in their children. more »»

Stop Impulsive Behavior

November 4, 2009 Impulse control is the ability to stop and think before acting. It’s one of the executive functions children need to control thoughts and actions. more »»

Little Athletes, Big Responsibility

October 2, 2009 You’ve heard the phrase in sports circles: “The parents ruin it for the kids. more »»

GIVEAWAY: Reminder Decals

October 1, 2009 It’s every parent’s nightmare. more »»

Raising Little Mountaineers

September 4, 2009 Do you bleed blue and gold? Team Baby Entertainment wants to help you to raise your little Mountaineer right. Think Baby Einstien for the sports-minded set. more »»

Does Your Child's New Teacher Make the Grade?

September 4, 2009 Parents often feel anxiety about whether their child has a teacher and classroom environment best suited to meet their educational needs. more »»

Get a Babysitter

July 13, 2009 Moms and dads who think nothing of taking the baby to the movie theater may want to think twice. more »»

Sobering Thoughts on Summer

July 1, 2009 Not to burst your summer bubble, but if your backyard BBQ and a buzz go hand in hand, you should know your children are paying attention, said Susie Vanderlip, founder of Legacy of Hop. more »»

Express Your Anger in Healthy Ways

July 1, 2009 Anger is an emotion experienced by both adults and children, and how we handle it varies by individual. Anger can be expressed in a healthy manner without hurting yourself or another perso. more »»

Boot Camp for New Dads Shares Tips for Celebrating Father’s Day

May 7, 2009 Working with more than 200,000 new dads over the past 18 years, Greg Bishop, founder of Boot Camp for New Dads, a nonprofit orientation program for fathers-to-be, offers tips on how guys really want... more »»



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