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Have a Healthy, Happy Return to School

September 5, 2013 Tips from medical experts at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in New York City: — Check those peepers: The start of a new school season is the best time to have your child’s eyes examined. more »»

'Sleep: What Every Parent Needs to Know' Review

September 5, 2013 No matter what age your child is — 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, 10 years — how and when they sleep is probably one of the most challenging aspects you face as a parent. Dr. Rachel Y. more »»

Stay Poison Safe While Camping

July 8, 2013 With summer comes weekends of camping fun for many Ohio Valley families. While camping, many poison hazards can turn a fun-filled weekend into a nightmare. more »»

Get Moving With Ally Cat the Ballet Cat

July 8, 2013 Russian prima ballerina Diana Vishneva is bringing her talent, artistry and enthusiasm to children in an all-new educational DVD “AllyCat the Ballet Cat” on Aug. 13. more »»

Cut Supply Line to Win the Sugar Wars

June 28, 2013 With all of the news of school gun violence, bullying and world conflict, it seems strange to think that one of the more insidious killers among us is so ubiquitous we rarely pause to think of its... more »»

New marijuana laws may send kids to ER

May 30, 2013 CHICAGO — Increased use of medical and recreational marijuana may lead to more young children getting sick from accidentally eating food made with the drug, a Colorado study suggests. more »»

Take Six: Quick Nutrition Tips

May 6, 2013 Here are six simple ways to infuse healthy habits into your family’s meals from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and chef Lorena Garcia: 1. Indulge in moderation. more »»

Blame Norovirus

May 6, 2013 Have the bouts of vomiting and diarrhea at your house led you to consider investing in Clorox stock? Blame norovirus. more »»

Fourth-Graders Choose a Clear Mind

April 2, 2013 Fourth-graders in Ohio County Schools participated in a poster contest encouraging them to illustrate what it means to them to “choose a clear mind. more »»

Knitting for Babies — Purple Crying Awareness

April 2, 2013 Marshall County Starting Points and Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Moundsville are participating in the annual Click for Babies campaign to raise awareness and help prevent shaken baby syndrome. more »»

Easter Candy May Make Kids See RED

March 11, 2013 Every spring, you buy an abundance of delicious treats and lovingly prepare your children’s Easter baskets. more »»

Not All Sick Kids Require Antibiotics

March 11, 2013 Taking antibiotics when you or your child has a virus may do more harm than good, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. more »»

Tips for Parents Who Want to Quit Smoking

January 7, 2013 Countless Americans have made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking in 2013. Parents who want to quit know that doing so not only will improve their health but the health of their children. more »»

Prevent Home Fires This Winter

January 7, 2013 According to National Fire Potection Association’s most recent report, “Home Fires Involving Heating Equipment,” home heating equipment was involved in an estimated 57,100 reported home structure... more »»

Study links TV in bedrooms to childhood obesity

December 12, 2012 BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center found a link between obesity and children having TV sets in their bedroom. more »»

Christams Morning ... Minus the Meltdown

December 3, 2012 Regardless of your nostalgic, Christmas-morning-frenzy memories, you’ll quickly learn that a no-holds-barred approach doesn’t go over well with your toddler — especially on the most anticipated... more »»

Kick the Sugar Habit

November 6, 2012 The average modern American child’s diet features sugar in its many forms from morning to night — fruit juice, sugary cereals (even raisin bran is full of the stuff), syrup, jelly, Capri Sun,... more »»

Substance Abuse Prevention Starts Early

November 6, 2012 Sometimes parents don’t realize that their everyday habits and attitudes have an impact on their kids. The Partnership at DrugFree. more »»

Tip-Top Teeth

October 1, 2012 Whether your child is a toothless, has a few baby teeth or a mouth full, now is a good time, during National Dental Hygiene Month, to make sure their mouths are in tip-top shape. more »»

Keep Halloween Safe For Everyone by Offering Allergen-Free Treats

October 1, 2012 The Ohio Valley Kids With Food Allergies group reminds residents: When you are out shopping for Halloween goodies, think about children who have food allergies. more »»



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