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Keep Kids Safe During the Holidays

December 3, 2009 Greg Bishop, founder of Boot Camp for New Dads and author of two fatherhood books, shares tips from his second book, “Crash Course for New Dads: Tools, Checklists and Cheat-Sheets” for keeping your... more »»

ATVs Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

December 3, 2009 West Virginia has the fifth-highest death toll of all-terrain vehicle riders in the country, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. more »»

What's Your Child Safety IQ?

November 4, 2009 You know you have to make sure your child is wearing a helmet before she rides her bike, but some hazards aren’t so obvious. more »»

Brush-a, Brush-a, Brush-a!

November 4, 2009 Did you know that dental caries (cavity-causing bacteria) is the No. more »»

Candy Gorging Is Not an Olympic Sport

October 1, 2009 As the cool October days and nights bring fall festivals, trick-or-treat nights and our bodies’ innate need to pack on pounds for winter, parents should keep an eye on their children’s candy and... more »»

Domestic Violence Hurts Children, Too

October 1, 2009 Children of battered women (or men) may not be physically harmed, but the psychological effects of witnessing such violence are traumatic and often go untreated, even after the victim leaves his or... more »»

Car Seat Update: Rear-Facing Until Age 2

September 4, 2009 New research indicates that toddlers are more than five times safer riding rear-facing in a car safety seat up to their second birthday, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. more »»

Get the 411 on H1N1

September 4, 2009 The vaccine trials for swine flu, known as the H1N1 virus, are progressing, and the vaccine is expected to arrive in the Ohio Valley in October. more »»

Sit Down in the Tub!

September 4, 2009 You say it all the time when your child is in the tub, because you know what can happen. And now you have backu. more »»

Mythbusters: Hot Weather Tips

July 1, 2009 As all new parents know, the summer months provide greater opportunities to enjoy the outdoors; however, they also present seasonal health risks and challenge. more »»

Insect Bites Can Be Serious

July 1, 2009 This summer, America’s emergency physicians are warning about the dangers of insect bites, specifically from ticks and mosquitoes, which can cause serious illnesse. more »»

Is All Well With Your Well?

July 1, 2009 Private well water should be tested yearly, and in some cases more often, according to new guidance offered by the American Academy of Pediatrics. more »»

Five Steps Toward Better Parenting

May 6, 2009 As we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day in June, the following ideas may help many men in their efforts to become better fathers. (Hint: These work for moms, too.) . more »»

Parenting During Tough Economic Times

May 6, 2009 With the rash of familicides in 2009, one might begin to wonder, when is it going to happen in the Ohio Valley? What we can we do to prevent it from happening here? more »»

Researcher Finds 'Smooth' Way to Adminster Vaccines

April 3, 2009 Instead of a dreaded injection with a needle, someday getting vaccinated against disease may be as pleasant as drinking a yogurt smoothi. more »»

Is It a Cold or Sinusitis?

April 3, 2009 Is your child’s cold lingering ... and lingering? This isn’t something that happens only in winter. It may not even be a cold. It could be sinusitis, an inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages. more »»

Child's speech can indicate hearing problems

March 4, 2009 If your preschooler is having difficulty with speech and language development, the first thing to rule out is a hearing problem, said Ohio Valley audiologist Kristy Menende. more »»

PB&J at every meal?

March 4, 2009 One thing that most parents have in common is the struggle to insure that their kids eat healthy foods. For many, it seems like an endless battle that they are not sure they will win. more »»

Column: Exploring Common Childhood Myths

February 19, 2009 The dictionary defines a myth as an unfounded popular belief that has developed over the years and is usually passed on from generation to generation. more »»

Swatting Down the SuperBug

January 8, 2009 MRSA horror stories made the headlines last year as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed more people died in 2005 from the antibiotic-resistant superbug than from AID. more »»



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