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Retention Question

May 7, 2018 DEAR?TEACHER: The school wants to keep my son in third grade again next school year. They say he is not working on grade level in reading, math, science or social studie. more »»

Hard Work Adds Up

March 6, 2018 DEAR?TEACHER: My son is only in third grade, but he is already having difficulty understanding what the teacher is talking about in math, science and social studies. more »»

Spot a Learning Disability

March 6, 2018 DEAR TEACHER: My little boy is bright, but he is not doing at all well in school. Something is just not working for him. I hear about learning disabilities. more »»

Get the Facts

November 30, 2017 DEAR TEACHER: Do you know of any cards, books or devices that are good at teaching the multiplication tables? That is what my second-grade granddaughter is struggling with. more »»

Back-to-school Solutions

September 18, 2017 DEAR TEACHER: School has just started, and I am already having nightly homework battles with my fifth-grade so. more »»

Learning to Go With the Flow

July 26, 2017 DEAR TEACHER: My child will be going into third grade next year. He hesitates a lot and reads slowly. The teacher says he is not as fluent a reader as he should be. more »»

To Redshirt or Not to Redshirt?

March 23, 2017 DEAR?TEACHER: My son is a summer baby who will be 5 this July. I’ve been told to meet with a kindergarten teacher to find out if he’s ready to start school. more »»

Time Tests, First-Grade Cliques

December 14, 2015 Question: My second-grader gets all tense and often louses up on timed tests in math. more »»

Look for These Vision Problems

September 8, 2015 Dear Teacher: My children always pass the vision screening at school. more »»

Make Learning Fun for First-Grader

December 2, 2014 DEAR TEACHER: My first-grader is just not interested in school. more »»

How to Handle Homework

November 4, 2014 Question: How can I best help my children learn to handle their homework? How much should parents be involved? — Wondering Answer: Whether you like it or not, you will have to play a role in helping... more »»

How to Use a School Planner Effectively

September 3, 2014 DEAR TEACHER: The school wants our young children in elementary school to use planners. However, the teachers have not made very specific recommendation. more »»

Signs of a Reading Problem

May 5, 2014 Question: What are the signs of a reading problem in the early years? — Concerned Answer: Here are some warning signs that your child might have a reading problem: PRESCHOOL — Doesn’t know how to... more »»

Good Study Habits Lead to Success

January 7, 2014 Readers: While 2013 has ended, this school year is not quite at the halfway point. You now probably have a very good idea of how the year is going for your children. more »»

Daughter, Mom Need to Get Organized

November 4, 2013 DEAR TEACHER: How can I help my first-grade daughter become better organized? Every day is a disaster. The teacher is always emailing me because the child has not turned in her homework. more »»

Test Prep Quiz

April 2, 2013 DEAR TEACHER: My children do OK on tests. However, I wonder if they are preparing in the best possible ways. — Wondering Answer: You are on target. more »»

Kindergarten Readiness

March 11, 2013 DEAR TEACHER: My son will start kindergarten this September even though he will not turn 5 until a month late. more »»

Gifted Child Behind Peers Socially

January 7, 2013 Dear Teacher: The teacher says that my gifted 7-year-old child is behind her peers socially. She didn’t explain this at all. more »»

Books Vs. E-Books

December 3, 2012 DEAR TEACHER: Are e-books better for my child than books? — Nook or Book Answer: Reading is what is good for your child. The more children read, the better they will read and do in school. more »»

Six-Year-Old Needs Behavior Plan

November 6, 2012 DEAR TEACHER: Our 6-year-old son loves going to first grade. The teacher says he is intelligent and stays in his seat and does his work. more »»



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