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Parenting Matters

Healthy Kidbits

Are You Raising An Emotional Eater?

March 23, 2017 Have you ever offered a chocolate chip cookie or an ice cream cone to a sad, injured or upset child? In many families, reaching for a treat to soothe a child is the most obvious — and effective —... more »»

Class Notes

Natural Parent, Natural Child

The Comfort Zone

March 23, 2017 Who comes up with these buzz words, such as “outside the box,” “walk it back” and “baked in the cake”? These empty phrases creep in and out of our vocabularies. more »»

SMART Science

Prime Time With Kids


Mix It Up With Muesli

January 24, 2017 When you travel, what souvenirs end up meaning the most? Photos, clothing, impulse items stashed in the side pockets of your luggage? When I pondered the same question and reflected on special trips... more »»

Baby Guide 2015

Music Has Noteworthy Benefits

February 12, 2015 Don’t buy into the baby-genius baloney: Piping Beethoven into the womb through headphones and enrolling your child in music classes before he cuts teeth does not ensure he will become the next, well... more »»



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